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I understand now The impact of a heart that skips a beat This distance will grow a lifetime in between The edges of earth are covered in blood, water and holy dirt Our hands cupped in the ocean These memories, we're taking home Salt water stains on my hands She'll figure it out on her own Four stars are in my eyes Separation it is our home In the distance, a light to guide us home In the distance, the seeds we will sow In the distance, you know I can't be seen In the distance, The Fog has always been Sitting in her home The Distance it is bringing you Immoral escape Thought the Fog, he does create She's looking for the path But there's something in the way I'm watching time But with time, it's harder to see
Can't seem to get through There's some unrest here There's some unrest here I'm holding all my fears Can't break through to you Something's in the way Need to uncover the truth Something is in the way Unsettled, on the edge I just need to know Will this be the one? Or will I run? The water's rushing in Turn around for higher ground Keep your head up Can't break through to you Something is in the way Pale is our world now Something is in the way
The Fog 09:16
In the darkness she's waiting for me Cleanse myself of morality No one can see, but I've moved right in In PLain sight, I'll commit my sin Erase all hope, erase all doubt In The house of the demon your blinded with no way out I AM THE FOG I consume, all your thoughts How could you see the Distance When I'm blinding you? I AM THE FOG With my cold hands On the walls I will claw my way To bare bone
Sleepless 06:28
I am awake The Fog has cleared He will return If I close my eyes I'll never sleep again My eyes are burning red I'll never dream again I'm stuck inside my head I'm drawn to the flame From the lake Uncover the truth There's something in the way I found my strength through fear In my reflection I see you The Lake's orange glow will guide me It's showing me the way
Lake of Fire 05:40
Eyes fixed on the fiery glow of the horizon I know my task, let the Lake of Fire consume me I'll be a beacon, of white, burning light Tired eyes on open skies My light guides you Crashing Waves and memories Will push me through Face your demon Face the light Disregard Tear your fingers apart Break the crumbling walls New blood, dormant heart Pillars reach the sky Ignite the heavens Pierce the darkness and I am one with the lake Watch my power grow I AM HOME I'm a beacon of a white burning light These fears, they will die I've crossed the lake of fire To take you home We'll fight the Fog We'll kill the Fog
The Knife 06:33
The Distance at my side Strength his light provides An angry deafening scream Demands the Fog be seen The Fog has taken on A human form His sins I've suffered "Your time is short" I WILL FIGHT I AM IN CONTROL I'LL BRING THE KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT Without hesitation Knife to chest I seek To slice through blood and bone Your dying breath, my relief
The world is opening around us Wipe away the film from our eyes What we knew before A foggy smoldering world Clouds part like the seas for Moses The Earth, swallows it's tepid past In favor of deep blue skies And lush green lands With stains of fire on my hands I welcome the rains Tears of relief rain down As the sun cracks the sky WE ARE ONE IN ARBOROUS CALM We found our strength through fear In the reflection i saw you The lake's orange glow was our guide It has shown us the way By the Knife The Fog is dead She embraces the Distance We have an open world We have each other We have love We have been released! In the distance A light to guide us home..


Our first crack at a concept album. Main characters are "The Distance" "The Fog" and "Triumphia"


released September 2, 2016

All music and lyrics by Tony Piccoli, except "Something In The Way" lyrics by Piccoli, Pete Hopersberger; "The Fog" music by Piccoli, Hopersberger, Pat DeLeon; "Sleepless" lyrics by Piccoli, Hopersberger; "Arborous Calm" lyrics by Piccoli, Hopersberger


all rights reserved



Imminent Sonic Destruction Detroit, Michigan

Imminent Sonic Destruction is Pat DeLeon, Pete Hopersberger, Bryan Paxton, Tony Piccoli, and Scott Thompson.

We formed in 2007 originally as "Mellotrön." Due to legal matters we changed our name to Imminent Sonic Destruction.

In 2013 we toured with Pain Of Salvation and Kingcrow.

2015 w/ Fates Warning

2017 w/ Circus Maximus and our own headlining tour.

Album #3 is coming soon..

We love you
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