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Recurring Themes

by Imminent Sonic Destruction

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    1. Driving Home
    2. Monster
    3. With Death This Story Ends
    4. Breaking Through
    5. Temple
    6. Here it's Over
    7. Sick
    8. The Remembering
    9. Raven

    Produced by Roy Z
    Mixed by Nick Morris

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released February 24, 2012


all rights reserved



Imminent Sonic Destruction Detroit, Michigan

Imminent Sonic Destruction is Pat DeLeon, Pete Hopersberger, Bryan Paxton, Tony Piccoli, and Scott Thompson.

We formed in 2007 originally as "Mellotrön." Due to legal matters we changed our name to Imminent Sonic Destruction.

In 2013 we toured with Pain Of Salvation and Kingcrow.

2015 w/ Fates Warning

2017 w/ Circus Maximus and our own headlining tour.

Album #3 is coming soon..

We love you
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Track Name: Driving Home
I’ve grown tired of this
Suffered enough and seen enough
I just want to go
I just want to know
Where is home?
Some just ask
It’s never easy when the maker...
The maker isn’t there.
I’ll answer my own questions
I’ll find my own way
I’ll find your arms and warmth
I’ll find my way home
I’ll answer all your prayers
After I answer mine
I’ll ask them for a little
Just a little peace of mind
Find my way
Find your warmth
Find my way
Find your heart
I’m on the final road
The sun’s orange then red, then dusk
An air of culmination
The day turns to rust
Turn the key, crank the heat
The sounds of my life
My breath is in the air
The horizon’s growing near
Find my way...
Find my way back home...
Track Name: Monster
Force the will of others
Contemplate their virtues
Sell your visions to them
I don’t care if your wrong
Why have we become each others enemy?
What’s all of this for?
Become the monster
You know you’ll take their hands
and put them in the fire
Become the monster
You know you’ll take his head
Argue their ideals
Claim your independence
Rise high above it all
Set them all on FIRE!
Track Name: With Death This Story Ends
He sits in the den and
begins to write his story
“So many years ago...”
Now something eats away at
the first word and sentence
It’s coming so fast
This is the one
This is my
This is the one
This is my Story
And in the end when
There is nothing more to say
You will look away, and I will
Share my story
Upon deaf ears
And we will become
Another man’s verse
With pen in hand
Dark conclusions reveal a Truth,
and now there’s nothing left to hide
The thief grabs his heart
He wants it all and now
With death this story ends
Track Name: Breaking Through
It grows behind my eyes
Clawing at my brain
Can’t ignore the signs
Looking at the world through pain
A piece of something bigger
Bursting from my brain
Just embrace the monster
Part of me now it’s my grain
Take the wheel now, there’s nobody stopping me
Gotta feel for the thing that’s inside
Drawing near to a new understanding
Pushing fear to the back of the mind
Staring down the wave that’s coming
Knowing it can’t knock me down
Fifteen stories tall, I’m ready
Fuck it, I will stand my ground
Now I’m breaking through
Through the pain, I can make out some faces
Pushing on, I break through the door
Blinding lights drilling holes in my head now
Focus in past the deafening roar
Now I’m breaking through
Track Name: Temple
If I could find my way
Then I wouldn’t have to stay
If I could turn my head around
Then the nights unleashed the owls
The secondary’s always numb and bleeding
The corners are always burned and broken
Well, it seems I’ve found my way
And I just had to stay
It appears my mouth is on the floor
Wear the sweater, it’s adorned
The secondary’s always numb and bleeding
The corners are always burned and broken
Summon cherry red and white
Face impact, then we fly
I’m in my temple
Track Name: Here, It's Over
I’m trapped in a wordless nightmare
It’s pushing the air out of me
Watching the clock and wondering
The end of time, I guess we’ll see
Let me in, and take me over
Who are you to tell me “sorry”
Here is my hand, and here is your life
Forget this work, forget it’s worth
Staring at beautiful things while
Taking on the ugly ones
Getting sick of being tired
I’m tired of being sick
Is this what you wanted?!
Choking on my own tears
Living life to erase my fears
These words built these walls
But today it’s all coming down
Is this what you wanted?!
Once more it comes down to this
An eerie calm after the storm
Verse of whatever reborn
Forget the chorus, and I’ll go home
Track Name: Sick
You walk the line
Took all that’s mine
And let me tell you
how it should be
Hand to a hand
To an eye for an eye
Denied. For you!
Get in your car and drive away!
And take everything you can
From a dying savior
That wretched old woman
Always the same thing
A knife, a monkey
Lack of money, it’s non-existent
Face to face with stupidity at it’s finest
Now I’m here!
Nothing to do
Drink a beer and
Set me free of
This depressing fear
You think it’s all about you
It shows what you know
You can’t control me!
Fuck everything you stand for
It’s all a fucking lie
You can’t deny me
And you!
With your attitude, your arrogance
You’re everything I never wanted to become
Hung up on your “knowledge”
Now I’m here!
It’s fucking sickening
Track Name: The Remembering
As the raven flies over me
I watch my life
My dreams, unfold
Track Name: Raven
This time of year
Contemplation, changing colors
Peace as you breathe in
and pain as you breathe out
A story of recurring themes
but nothing is quite like what it seems
And the year, turns another face
And another one turns away
Brought to life
learning the simple things
Letting lies in, speak for yourself!
All I see
Examples and ideas
I will be
What’s in your eyes for me to see
As the raven flies over me
I watch my life
My dreams, unfold
Writing life as I go
Poetry settles in the distance
Following, leaving the herd
Looking ahead, and over you
These lessons learned
The reasons go unheard
Why these things, they change
Mother left me to contemplate
Can we please exchange
Chapters written in moments
Share your story with me
And maybe we’ll be closer

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